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Roma, Italia

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Welcome to Ilaria's Natural Kitchen

Your Gateway to a Healthy Life

Ilaria's Natural Kitchen offers a natural and holistic approach to health, that promotes healing and wellness through food and natural ingredients. Ilaria is a Natural Chef, graduated at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and has helped herself and many amongst her family, friends and clients to heal through food choices combined with lifestyle choices. She believes health is not just a healthy body, health is an emotional, spiritual and physical work.

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How can I help you?

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Get back to harmony with food.

Take charge of your health

Book your free consultation to discuss your needs. I offer a 6 to 8 weeks coaching program to get you back on your path to a healthy and harmonious life. You can choose between Skype or in person sessions where we discuss a meal plan for your specific needs. I will coach you through the program and offer one cooking class per week on Skype or in person. If you choose and live close by, you can also opt for my delivery service: I'll deliver home cooked food for you from Monday to Friday and leave you to experiment in your kitchen in the weekend with all my tips! I only cook with organic and natural ingredients and source everything locally here in the Cotswolds! 

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Breast cancer prevention and support for people with a higher risk of developing breast cancer

Don't let your genes rule your world!

I am a brca1 genetic mutation carrier and I have been around a few breast cancers in my family. This is what lead me to start my nutritional path and take charge of my health. I offer one to one support for breast cancer prevention, whether you have been through cancer, have a genetic mutation or just want an extra protection. Nutritional support works whether you chose to have prophylactic surgery or regular screenings, it supports you through your chosen path, helping you restoring harmony and happiness in your life.

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Cooking classes in your own home!

Cook your way to happiness!

NEW!!! --- BREAK THE WALL BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR KITCHEN!! --- not literally... always use the door if you have one! But... Many of us have grown up not knowing how to cook, or maybe we used to cook and then with the advent of prepacked and precooked meal we stopped learning or enjoying cooking. Some of us come from families of incredible cooks but never felt confident enough to experiment in their own kitchen. Many of us have very demanding jobs with little time to cook or even to sit down for a proper meal. I have been through a lot of this myself and have found that making peace with my own kitchen was the first step to happiness. I lived abroad my entire life but whenever I cook I feel like I am back at home with my mom, aunt and grandma, I feel connected to myself, loved and comfortable. Cooking our own meal is the only way to stick to any nutritional plan and if there is no joy in doing so we will abandon the plan sooner or later and we'll fail to get healthier or fitter. Let me help you by helping you fall in love with your own kitchen and cooking! Depending on where you live you can choose for me to come to you or to have a Skype session. We will cook meals together and I'll get you back on track so that you will never dread cooking again! 

Book your free initial consultation
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It was such a refreshing and fun experience cooking with Ilaria. It's as if she is right in your kitchen with you even though she is across the world.Her style and teaching technique make you feel relaxed and at home in your kitchen! Her creativity with spices and adding other unique ingredients makes the whole process special. Coming from a family of very good cooks, I was always intimidated and didn't feel welcome in the kitchen. Cooking with Ilaria makes you realize it's fun and easy to prepare delicious meals and it's a form of self love!

Genie, New York City

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